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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Campus Link program?
Campus Link program is the first academia-industry initiative to “architect the education experience” in Vietnam. Our goal is to build a sustainable partnership with IT educational organizations in Vietnam and abroad for mutual benefit; producing “industry ready” recruits. We align the college curriculum with the industry's requirements, and work with educational bodies towards implementing it. We organize training sessions for the faculty to give them an industry perspective, enabling them to train the students accordingly. We design industry-oriented topics, and provide the courseware to students (slides, assignments, industry’s templates, checklists, best practices and samples); we give them Mock projects to do as well as necessary coaching activities from our experienced staffs from FPT Software (so called TA – Teaching Assistants), and also provide different up-to-date seminars on the state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies for the teachers and instructors of the faculty to be updated.
What is the “Global Software Talent” program?
The Global Software Talent is the first training program of the FPT Software Campus Link (first academia-industry initiative in Vietnam). It is an industry-oriented training program for the “Year-3” and “Year-4” students at the universities/colleges in Vietnam. It contains a more than 300 hours comprehensive training and practicing in Mock projects with state-of-the-art industry knowhow and experiences documented and shared. This program is aimed to help students equipped with the necessary software industry knowhow so that after graduating they could be able to join working directly and effectively in the projects at “global level” IT companies in Vietnam and no further fresher training is needed.
What are the specialties of the “Global Software Talent” program?
The Global Software Talent Program introduces to the faculty the 4 first specialties in 2014: Global Java Developer, Global .Net Developer, Global C++ Developer and Global Software Tester .
What are the duration of the “Global Software Talent” program designed?
About 320 hours for each of following specialties (for Developer and Tester): Global Java Developer, Global .Net Developer, Global C++ Developer. About 208 hours for the Global Software Tester specialty.
What are the benefits for students when joining the “Global Software Talent” program?
A student can get the FPT Software provided “Global Software Talent” certificate once he/she has finished the enrolled training program (i.e. finished learning and passed the final exam) for the chosen specialty (e.g. Global Java Developer). Also, with the know-how gained through the “Global Software Talent” training program, a student can easily get a job from any IT company in Vietnam. Moreover, a student with the “Global Software Talent” certificate can skip the entry-tests and 3 months training when applying to FPT Software. He/she can join directly to the projects.
How can a student register to the “Global Software Talent” program?
If you are a “Year-3” and “Year-4” student of the partnered universities, you can contact directly your faculty for registering the program and getting more information. If your university/college is not yet partnered with FPT Software, please contact us at campuslink@fsoft.com.vn as well as your faculty for telling your interest into this program so that the faculty can contact us for more discussion on the potential partnership.
What is the detailed content of the courses of the specialties of the “Global Software Developer” (“Global Software Talent” for Developer)?
The detailed content is shared at this document: Download
What is the detailed content of the courses of the “Global Software Tester” specialty?
The detailed content is shared at this document: Download