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What Do We Do?

We align the college curriculum with the industry's requirements, and work with educational bodies towards implementing it. We organize training sessions for the faculty to give them an industry perspective, enabling them to train the students accordingly. We design industry-oriented topics, and provide the courseware to students (slides, assignments, industry’s templates, checklists, best practices and samples); we give them Mock projects to do as well as necessary coaching activities from our experienced staffs from FPT Software (so called TA – Teaching Assistants), and also provide different up-to-date seminars on the state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies for the teachers and instructors of the faculty to be updated.

The FPT Software courseware is published on our Campus Link portal (learning platform), to be viewed by member universities and colleges. In details, via this platform the students can proceed their learning activities (e.g. submitting the assignments, doing online assessments/quizzes/exams, joining discussions with instructors and teaching assistants, etc…) and the instructors or teaching assistants can do their supporting activities too (e.g. opening exams at specific time, giving assignments feedbacks, answering a question/discussion in a forum, viewing the test/exam/quiz results and statistic information of the students, etc…).

Here are our 2 first programs:

Global Software Talent Program

The Global Software Talent Program introduces to the faculty the 18 courses for the 4 first specialties (Global Java Developer, Global .Net Developer, Global C++ Developer and Global Software Tester), CL teaching methodology, and prepares them to roll out the Global Software Talent Program in their colleges. Through this program we aim at a paradigm shift in the learning and teaching methodology at an accelerated pace, to increase effectiveness. The way the faculty train the students, assess them and put technology to use undergoes a major change. It exposes faculty to the FPT Software way of professional training and sharing industry best practices.

Internship Program

You are a senior student or recent graduate. You have general knowledge but don’t have much real experiences. You are vague about the way to become a software engineer. FPT Software will bring you new experiences at one of the top 100 software services companies in the world.

Keeping in Touch!

The Campus Link Conference brings IT managers and college management on the same platform to discuss the need and actions for academia-industry collaboration.